Process cooling – utilising cooling output and reducing energy costs

In the chemical and galvanising industries, energy costs for process cooling are high. Using the exhaust system, cooling output requiring only a fraction of the energy cost in comparison to standard cooling systems can be achieved and generated within specific physical limits.

An atmospheric evaporative cooler from AIRTEC MUEKU uses the available output of the exhaust air system for evaporation and draws the energy required for evaporation from the respective medium (water or chromium electrolyte, for example). This achieves a cooling effect, and the medium is cooled. If chromium electrolyte is used, for example, a separate cooling system for the chromium baths is unnecessary and cooling energy costs are drastically reduced. In addition to cooling, displaced rinse water is also evaporated, which disencumbers the waste water system. By using an atmospheric evaporator, the creation of waste water can be eliminated from the chrome-plating process. An atmospheric condenser can also be used to reduce waste water.

Evaporative cooling with the exhaust air system

The beneficial and positive effect of evaporative cooling with the exhaust air system can be established and used both directly, as with chromium electrolyte, and indirectly, as with rectifier cooling. We’d be happy to consult with you and do an initial savings calculation for you!

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