Rugged, efficient and long-lasting –
fans from AIRTEC MUEKU

Process air fans are an indispensable part of exhaust air purification at industrial manufacturing halls and production facilities. They’re the only way that the defined transport of exhaust air and the efficient purification of pollutants can be ensured. Minimal energy consumption, reduction of noise emissions and a rugged, corrosion-resistant design distinguish our radial fans. Our focus lies on bespoke, demand-oriented modifications which meet your specific needs!

Optimal – process analysis saves money

Our fans are adapted to your individual needs. That’s how we guarantee optimal functioning and make sure to avoid having an underpowered exhaust air system prior to commissioning. We always plan our fans with some power in reserve, which positions you well for future modifications and allows you to use our systems for a long as possible!

Partners – we optimise processes together with you

Through close contact with our customers and a comprehensive needs assessment, we make sure that your requirements and needs are met. This enables technical processes to be continually optimised, linked and improved!

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Future-proof – our expertise for your success

By modernising your exhaust air systems, you add value to your production facility, reduce your operating costs and sustainably safeguard your site! We’d be happy to have a look at systems from other suppliers and consult with you regarding sensible modernisation or heat recovery integration. 

High value – planning and functional security for your system

Our high production standards and continuous further development of technical options guarantee a professional planning phase and optimum functioning of your systems!

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