Heat recovery –
re-use energy you thought was lost

The constant extraction of pollutants inevitably results in high heat loss. This not only causes your energy costs to soar, but also has a negative effect on the CO2 balance of your company. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to energy and resource efficiency as well as integrating heat recovery when designing and installing an exhaust air system.

Using heat energy

Exhaust air systems from AIRTEC MUEKU with optional heat recovery use heat energy in the exhaust air which you thought was already lost. Here, the recovered heat energy is fed back via the supply air system, for example, so it can be re-used. Using a heat pump, the heat energy can also be re-used for other processes requiring high temperatures. Investment in heat recovery and an optional heat pump can come along with a subsidy of up to 55 per cent. This way, heat recovery in your exhaust air system becomes one of the most important “set screws” for reducing your operating costs over the long term!

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