We can’t make everything vanish into thin air, but we can get a handle on the pollutants in your air!

Many industrial processes create pollutants which have to be removed from indoor air to ensure a clean working climate and reliably keep pollutant concentrations below the legal limits. Exhaust air scrubbers made by AIRTEC MUEKU remove pollutants found in the exhaust air in compliance with modern standards and guarantee long-term compliance with legal specifications regarding exhaust air purification and a pollutant-free climate at your production facilities.

Exhaust air purification in compliance with modern standards, both national and international

Our absorption systems are also capable of purifying heavily polluted process air. Exhaust air scrubbers from AIRTEC MUEKU, which are designed as either counter-current or cross-current absorbers, use a serial connection of spray and material-exchange zones followed by a dynamic droplet separator. This also frees the purified exhaust air of liquid droplets before they would be led to the radial fan through a pipe system and purged above the roof. Thanks to our innovative production technology and a design which is continually oriented towards state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to reliably keep pollutant concentrations below international limits as well.

Dry exhaust air treatment is also possible depending on the pollutant type and composition, where no waste water is created and the pollutants which have been separated out can be fed back into the process. This reduces operating costs and decreases the impact on the environment!

Energy efficiency and cost reduction thanks to heat recovery

The continuous extraction of pollutant-laden indoor air at industrial production facilities inevitably results in high heat energy loss. This usually means high operating costs and an associated rise in the CO2 balance of the company. Our exhaust air scrubbers and exhaust air purification systems can be outfitted with heat recovery technology if desired. This enables you to use energy which you thought was already lost and thereby reduce your operating costs.

In Germany in particular, the reduction of energy costs represents an important factor for safeguarding operating sites and creates a clear competitive advantage for you. The positive CO2 balance of your company will improve your image, and both your customers and the environment will appreciate it!

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Industry competence

Chemical industry

Chemical systems in particular are subject to strict limits with regard to exhaust air purification. AIRTEC MUEKU offers modern system technology enabling the efficient purification of air from exhaust gases and other residue, which guarantees constant air and immission protection! 

Galvanising industry

At production facilities with galvanising systems, the conventional rules of ventilation technology don’t apply. Specialised exhaust air systems extract polluted air directly above the bath and feed it through pipelines to the exhaust air scrubber. The gaseous or aerosol-containing emissions which arise during galvanic finishing processes are reliably removed via exhaust air purification. Systems from AIRTEC MUEKU use modern and efficient separation technology which reduces waste water creation and, as a result, operating costs as well!

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