Modern supply air systems –
for a healthy indoor climate that promotes productivity

Industrial halls and production facilities need efficient air exchange on a continual basis. The installation of a supply air system compliant with modern standards is both legally required and worth the effort as well, as the investment can pay for itself after just a short time by reducing heating and energy costs.

By integrating heat recovery and other unused sources of heat energy, an energy circuit is created, so to speak, and the energy required for workplace ventilation is greatly reduced. AIRTEC MUEKU offers complete solutions – from initial 3D planning to installation – all from a single source!

Heat recovery reduces energy costs

Energy efficiency is of increasingly high importance in times of rising energy prices. Integrated heat recovery makes it possible to re-use a majority of extracted energy and noticeably reduce operating costs in the process. Exhaust air systems with a heat recovery system not only go easy on your budget, but also generate a thermally constant climate for your employees and save natural resources as well!

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